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Re: Sharing some *Good News* and requesting your thoughts and feedback

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From: chrisgagne
Date: May 18th 2007, 21:57 EST
Subject: Re: Sharing some *Good News* and requesting your thoughts and feedback

A friend of mine provided the following advice. Any further thoughts?

I like:

* Clearing Vegitation without Burning
* Heat Powered LED Lighting
* Natural cooling methods

Those seem the most immediately practical to me.

Three projects seem just right to me, maybe slightly ambitious but then I'm not terribly familiar with how this process works and how time intensive it is.

On May 10th 2007, 16:16 EST, chrisgagne wrote:
> I'm thrilled to announce that Engineers without Borders has
> graciously offered to allow Cerbumi.org to begin tackling some of their
> tough research projects.


> Their webpage at http://app1.ewb-
> usa.org/ResearchProjects.php lists about a dozen projects in total, many of
> which would be quite suitable for use in the Cerbumi.org framework.

> > I am requesting your thoughts and feedback as to which projects you
> would consider to be a good fit for us. Of the twelve, I am particularly
> drawn to:


> * Clearing Vegitation without Burning

> *
> Inexpensive Portable Incubator

> * Drying Mechanism for Rice

> *
> Heat Powered LED Lighting

> * Testing equipment for improved stove
> design

> * Cold weather composting toilet design

> * Machine to
> remove individual grains from a seed stalk

> * Natural cooling methods
> >

> My initial thought would be to choose a total of three projects
> in different general areas of expertise. This would allow Cerbumi.org to
> appeal to a broad variety of volunteers. Once these projects are available,
> I think we'd also have a good call-to-action to market.


> What are your thoughts? Which projects would you choose? Are three projects
> too many, too few, or just right?


> Warmest regards,

> > Chris Gagne

> http://www.cerbumi.org

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