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Re: How to handle long lines?

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From: zobier
Date: Apr 12th 2007, 05:18 EST
Subject: Re: How to handle long lines?

In PHP there's a wordwrap function, surely there's something similar in Perl.

On Apr 9th 2007, 20:44 EST, chrisgagne wrote:
> One of the things that a typical email client does when
> replying to long emails is to hard-wrap each line to 80
> columns before adding the "> " bit that marks it as a reply.
> We don't handle this gracefully when you issue a reply
> through the Cerbumi website. Does anyone have an idea for a
> perl snippet that takes a large blob of text and adds
> newlines gracefully to get things to fit to 80 columns?
> To see an example of this at work, simply reply to this
> message on the website.

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